Our phone line issue has now been resolved. Please do bear with us, our lines are very busy, especially on Mondays. We have as many people answering the telephones as possible but during busy periods there will be likely be delays in your call being answered. Where possible, please use the eConsult service.

Chiddenbrook and New Valley merger

12th March 2021

Dear Patient,

Re: Practice merger – New Valley and Chiddenbrook

Following on from our previous patient letter and survey in December, we are delighted to announce that Devon CCG have now approved our request to merge New Valley Practice and Chiddenbrook Surgery.

On 1st April 2021 the practices will combine under our new name: Redlands Primary Care

What does that mean for you?

From a patient perspective, and in the short-term, you won’t see very much change at all – but our name will be different.

Chiddenbrook will be known as: Redlands Primary Care Threshers

New Valley will be called: Redlands Primary Care Newcombes

New Valley Thorverton branch will be called: Redlands Primary Care Thorverton

We will continue to provide the services you are used to having at your current practice and all three sites will have the same doctors, nurses and administrative staff.

Contacting your practice from 1st April 2021

The phone numbers are staying the same.

You should continue to contact your practice in the same ways that do now.

  • • Redlands Primary Care Threshers: 01363 772227
  • • Redlands Primary Care Newcombes: 0333 344 2988
  • • Redlands Primary Care Thorverton: 0333 344 2988


During our December consultation, we received feedback from a number of patients who use our Thorverton branch. They were concerned that the merger between New Valley and Chiddenbrook may result in the closure of the Thorverton branch.

We want to take this opportunity to reassure all of our Thorverton patients that we are fully committed to the Thorverton branch and can confirm that it will also retain its role as a dispensing practice. Redlands Primary Care Thorverton holds an important and ongoing place in our new partnership.

New website

Rather than continuing with two websites, we will launch our new Redlands Primary Care website on 1st April 2021:

New Building

Our new building is progressing well, and we hope to move into our purpose-built new home in late summer or early autumn of 2021. Once we have moved, the two current Crediton based sites, Threshers and Newcombes, will close and the new site will be known as Redlands Primary Care Crediton, with Redlands Primary Care Thorverton continuing as our branch site.

We are very excited about our merger and about the future for primary care in our local communities. We are about to enter a brand-new phase of our journey, which is both thrilling and daunting, but we are grateful for, and energised by, your support.

If you have any feedback or questions please put these in writing for the attention of the Practice Manager at your usual surgery, or send these by email to:

Yours sincerely, For Chiddenbrook SurgeryFor New Valley Practice
Dr Peter TwomeyDr Elizabeth Saunders
Dr Mick BraddickDr Jo Harris
Dr Claire Griffiths
Dr Mike Kirwan