Practice Closures for Training

The Practice will be closed from 1pm for training and development on the following dates: Telephone calls will be redirected to Practice Plus Group (PPG), patients requiring urgent medical attention that cannot wait until the practice reopens will be assisted by PPG. Should you require MEDICAL ADVICE contact the NHS 111 service.  Telephone number:  111 Please remember, NHS 111

Medication Synchronisation and Repeat Dispensing


What is synchronisation?

This is when your medicines are arranged so they all run out around the same time. This means you can order all your regular medicines at the same time, meaning fewer trips to the pharmacy.

All you need to do is let us know the quantity of tablets you currently have at home. Please complete the form inside and place it in the prescriptions box in the reception area. We will issue a one-off prescription which means you will run out of all your tablets at the same time.

What is repeat dispensing?

Once you have synchronised your medication, you may like to be set up on repeat dispensing. This is where a prescription for your repeat medication goes automatically to the pharmacy, for up to 12 months. This means you do not have to order the medication – you can simply collect it from your nominated pharmacy. This is only suitable for regular medications and not ones that you only take when needed. Please ask to speak to a member of the prescriptions team if you have any questions.

What is a repeat Prescription?

It is a prescription you can obtain a number of times without seeing the doctor. Your doctor will decide whether a repeat prescription is appropriate for your medicines. If you have been started on a new medication by your doctor, they like to wait a few months to see if it is right for you before adding it on to your repeat list.  All repeat medication should be reviewed by a doctor or pharmacist at least annually, or more regularly for some items.

Will Synchronisation of my medicines affect me?

Yes, it will mean that instead of ordering different medicines at different times of the month, you will be able to order all your medication together. This will mean fewer trips to the pharmacy and the practice each month.

How many months’ supply can I have at a time?

The most we will issue is a one months’ supply.

What about the medicines I only take when I need them?

When you are ordering your regular repeat prescription, check your ‘as   needed’ medicines to ensure you have enough to last you until your next   prescription is due. If not order them with your other medicines. Try to do this every time you order your regular medicines. 

Items that you only take when you need them cannot be set up on repeat        dispensing. Even if your other medicines have been set up on repeat dispensing, you will still have to order your ‘when needed’ items when you are running low.

What about my medicines that aren’t tablets?

Creams and gels: since the amount you use each month may vary, the above   information applies.

Eye drops and patches: if you are regularly using eye drops or patches, and you know how much you get through each month, write this on the form, specifying how much you will need per order.