Change in Repeat Prescription Order Process

Does a Pharmacy Order Your Prescription?  Please Read About the Changes in the Repeat Prescription Ordering Service The way repeat prescriptions are ordered is changing. From 1st April 2024 all patients (who are able to do so) should order their own medication directly from the GP practice – instead of your local pharmacy doing this for you.

Redlands League of Friends

The League of Friends started in 1993, when a small group of patients united with the objective of supplementing the services provided to the patients of the Surgery. 

Since then, thanks to a team of dedicated fundraisers spread through Crediton and the surrounding villages, thousands of pounds have been raised and spent improving services to the our patients.  

On the following page is a list of some of the equipment/services bought by the League.  Requests for items are made to the League by the doctors and nurses at the League’s general meetings.  League members then decide whether they feel the items would directly benefit the patients.  If agreed, the League then purchase the items and the surgery pays for maintenance/consumables.  A large majority of the equipment in the consulting/treatment and waiting rooms has been purchased by the League.

Some of the Equipment & Services We Have Provided:

  • Anaphylactic Kits
  • Aspirator
  • Auroscopes and Otoscopes
  • Autoclave (steriliser)
  • Automated Arrivals Machine
  • Cautery Machine
  • Counsellor’s Training
  • Defibrillator
  • Digital Blood Pressure Machines
  • Doppler Machine
  • Ear Syringes
  • Ear Thermometers
  • ECG Machines
  • Eye Testing Charts
  • Haemoglobinometer
  • Measuring Mats
  • Nebulisers
  • Oximeter
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Refrigerators
  • Resuscitation Manikin
  • Scales
  • Teaching Charts
  • Teaching Skeleton
  • Treatment Notes
  • Treatment Trolley
  • Vision Testers
  • Vitalograph
  • Waiting Room Blood Pressure Machines
  • Wheelchairs

If you, or anyone you know would like to become a member of the League of Friends, please click here to access the application form, which you can then post to:

Redlands League of Friends
Redlands Primary Care
Joseph Locke Way
EX17 3FD

Or, there is a League of Friends post box situated in Reception.

Once you are a member a newsletter will be delivered to you each May/June to keep you updated, along with an envelope to return your donation/subscription.

If you require any further information, please contact the Secretary via email: [email protected]

Registered Charity No: 1028757